GIAP investigates a network of historical fire beacons in Tenerife, Canary Islands

GIAP researcher Francesc C. Conesa and his colleague Jared Carballo (University of La Laguna ULL) talk about VIGILANT. This new project aims to shed new light on the historical network of signalling fire beacons on the island of Tenerife. The project has been recently funded by the Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural, Gobierno de Canarias. […]
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Come and join our Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology! Open-enrollment until the end of July.

Interested in becoming an Archaeology scientist? Concern about cultural heritage? Come and join our master programme in Classical Archaeology! This master is an unrivalled opportunity to study Classical Archaeology in a multidisciplinary environment. Students consider a wide range of Protohistoric, Greco-Roman and Late Antiquity studies, focused on the Antique Mediterranean Societies. The Catalan Institute of […]

Big Data & artificial intelligence: an archaeological revolution

Hèctor Orengo joined ICAC on March 2018 as a Ramón y Cajal researcher (postdoctoral senior grant from the Spanish government) at the GIAP research group, led by Josep M. Palet. Since then, he is working on landscape archaeology and computational archaeology research programs. In particular, he is developing machine learning algorithms for automatic sites detection. In collaboration with […]

Explorem el temple medieval de l’església de Sant Salvador de la Mussara

L’església de la Mussara és potser l’edifici més significatiu de l’antic poble i un element de referència no només del municipi de Vilaplana sinó també de la comarca i de les muntanyes de Prades. En coneixem prou bé la seva història? Una nova actuació arqueològica, finançada per l’Ajuntament de Vilaplana gràcies a una subvenció de […]