The Institute has a large research staff made up of contracted and assigned researchers from all over Spain and other countries.

At Working at the ICAC section, you can see the calls for researchers that are currently open.

It is also possible to join the ICAC as a researcher or collaborating or visiting researcher:

Associate researchers

These are members of research staff who belong to other research centres (university teaching staff, museum curators, etc.) and voluntarily join an ICAC research team to take an active part in the Institute’s research.

The associate researcher position allows the ICAC to benefit from the collaboration of researchers from other institutions through the corresponding inter-institutional agreement. Researchers who do not belong to any institution can also be assigned as associate researchers.

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Collaborating researchers

These are researchers who are interested in the ICAC’s research and wish to cooperate with it. As this type of researcher becomes more involved in the ICAC’s tasks, they may become an assigned researcher.

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Competitive calls

In addition to becoming a contracted or assigned researcher, it is also possible to carry out research at the ICAC by taking advantage of one of the competitive calls established to facilitate the contracting and mobility of research staff in research centres. In this document, you will find the best known.


On December 11, 2020, the ICAC has published the prioritization list of candidates for a fellow research grant (Spanish government), with the following result (in order of highest to lowest score):

You can check the list with detailed score information on the ICAC’s announcements board (Plaça d’en Rovellat, s/n, 43003 Tarragona).