With this team different focal points converge in a single basic theme: the study of inorganic materials, with special emphasis on the stone materials used in antiquity to manufacture archaeological elements. The convergence point consists of the different disciplines and sciences that study these materials and their implications in the historic past of society, from geology to the history of art.

The investigations are carried out thanks to the collaboration of members of different research centres in Catalonia, including the ICAC, the UAB and the URV, all of which have proven experience in this field. The main objective of this research group is to study stone materials originating in the Catalan area and their export to the rest of Hispania and other provinces of the Roman Empire, as well as the incidence of foreign building materials in Roman-period Catalonia. Its research also includes the localisation of quarries and zones in which stone was exploited, especially in Catalonia during the Roman period.