Simona Perna

Investigadora postdoctoral (R2), Área de investigación.
Miembro, Equipo de investigación: Arqueometría y Producciones Artísticas (ArPA).
Campos de estudio: Arqueología funeraria, Arqueología de la arquitectura, Arqueometría, Producciones artísticas.
Código ORCID: 0000-0002-7896-8252
Perna, S., "Art networks and craftsmen mobility. Toward a network model of foreign artisans and their impact on early Imperial provincial art" a J. Lipps, People Abroad (Institute of Classical Archaeology Tübingen, del 9 al13 abril de 2019), Tübinger Archäologische Forschungen, 31, Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH · Rahden/Westf., Tübingen, p. 347-366.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2021
Perna, S., "What is in a Vase? Materiality and semiotics of cinerary vases in Egyptian stone and vase shapes in Roman domestic and funerary contexts." a Berg, R.; Coralini, A.; Koponen, A.; Välimäki, R. (eds), Tangible Religion. Materiality of Domestic Cult Practices from Antiquity to Early Modern Era, Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, 49, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Roma, p. 51-83.
Capítulo de libro | 2021
Perna,S., "A Case of Serial Production? Julio-Claudian “tureen” funerary urns in calcitic alabaster and other coloured stone" a Reinhardt, A. B. (ed.), Strictly economic? Ancient Serial Production and its Premises. Proceedings of Panel 3.18, 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology (Cologne/Bonn (Alemanya), del 22 el 26 May 2018), Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World 20, Propylaeum, Heidelberg, p. 5-17.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2021
Perna, S.; Barker, S; Ward, C., "Marble networks and social interaction in houses at Pompeii" a Donnellan, L. (ed), Towards an application of network analysis and network concepts in social archaeology., Routledge Studies in Archaeology, Routledge, London, p. 89-115.
Capítulo de libro | 2020
Perna, S., "The social value of funerary art. Burial practices and tomb owners in the provinces of the Roman empire" a Porod, B.; Scherrer, P. (eds), Benefactors, Dedicants and Tomb Owners. Society, Iconography and Chronology. Proceedings of the XV Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art (Graz (Austria), del 14 al 20 juny), Schild von Steier Beihefte, Graz, p. 284-297.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2019
Más publicaciones
Perna, S., "Elementi di arredo lapideo da interno ed esterno a Iasos", Bollettino Iasos di Caria, 25, p. 11-16.
Artículo en otras revistas | 2019
Perna, s.; Barker, S., "Archaeometric analysis of the alabaster thresholds of Villa A, Oplontis (Torre Annunziata, Italy) and new Sr and Pb isotopic data for alabastro ghiaccione del Circeo" a Matetić Poljak, D; andMarasović, K. (eds.), ASMOSIA XI. Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stones. Proceedings of the International Conference, Split 2015 (Split (Croacia), del 18 el 22 May 2015), University of Split, Split, p. 215-230.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S.; Coombe, P., "Re-use of Roman stone in London City-walls" a Coquelet, C.; Creemers, G.; Dreesen, R., Goemaere, E. (eds.), Roman ornamental stones in North-Western Europe. Natural resources, manufacturing, supply, life & after-life, Etudes et documentes d'arqueologia, 38, AWaP, Namur, p. 327-348.
Capítulo de libro | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S., "Imitation alabaster: varieties and symbolism in Roman Painting" a Dubois, Y.; Niffeler, U. (eds), Pictores per provincias II - Status quaestionis (Lausanne, del 12 al 16 septiembre 2016), ANTIQUA 55, Veröffentlichung der Archäologie Schweiz, Basel, p. 405-412.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
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Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S., "I rivestimenti pavimentali di Pompei ed Ercolano e l’uso dell’alabastro in epoca Romana (II SEC. A.C. – I SEC. D.C.): nuove indagini" a C. Angelelli, D. Massara, and A. Paribeni (eds.), Atti del XXII Colloquio dell’Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico (Matera (Italy), del 16 al 19 marzo 2016), SCRIPTA MANENT, ROMA, p. 73-82.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2017
Perna, S., "Fabri Luxuriae. Production of Coloured Stone Vases and Urns in the Roman Period" a P. Pensabene et E.Gasparrini. (eds.), Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone. Proceedings of the X ASMOSIA Conference (Rome 2012) (Roma, del 21 al 26 mai 2012), L'Erma, Roma, p. 1021-1030.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2015
Perna, S., "Roman coloured stone funerary urns" a Coombe, P.; Henig, M.; Grew F.; Hayward K. (eds.), Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani. Roman Sculpture from London and the South- East., CSIR, Oxford University Press/British Academy, Oxford, p. 126-131.
Capítulo de libro | 2015
Perna, S., "The Colours of Death. Roman Cinerary Urns in Coloured Stone." a Guitierrez Garcia-M, A, Lapuente, P. and Roda, I. (eds), Interdiscplinary Studies on Ancient Stone: Proceedings of the IX ASMOSIA Conference (Tarragona, Spain, del 8 al 3 de iuni 2009), ICAC, Tarragona, p. 787-800.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2012