Francesc Cecília Conesa

Postdoctoral researcher (R2), Research Department.
Member, Research team: Landscape Archaeology (GIAP).
ORCID code: 0000-0002-4026-7266
Brief CV

I am a research fellow at the Landscape Archaeology Research Group, Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology. My research centres on the development of new multi-source remote sensing procedures, coupled with machine learning and deep learning methods, that can help and eventually improve the detection, identification, mapping and quantification of features of archaeological interest. My broad interests focus on the natural and anthropic relationships that define Cultural Landscapes, including aspects such as long-term ecological footprint, past land use and present-day endangered cultural heritage. I have conducted research and field explorations in a diverse range of archaeological contexts and ecological settings such as South Asia, the Mediterranean region, north-Africa and the Sahara, Central Asia and, more recently, Mongolia.

My research combines historical data, multispectral and radar Earth Observation data and geoarchaeological proxies from soil and sediments. I recently completed a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (2018-2020) in which I have developed new workflows  for the accurate identification of landscapes features of archaeological and paleoenvironmental interest using multi-sensor and multi-petabyte satellite imagery in cloud computing platforms.