The ICAC established the Committee for Gender Equality in October 2017, with the primary aim of ensuring real and effective gender equality in all activity areas of the Institute.

Its mission is to prevent any imbalance, bias or gender conflict detected in any structure, recruitment process or staff promotion, as well as in the activities organized or participated by the Institute.


ICAC Gender Equality Committee members are:


Instruments developed to achieve gender equality at the ICAC:

  • Gender Equality Action Plan. In this document, you can consult the measures provided by the Equality Committee and the diagnostic information collected.
  • ICAC Gender Equality website. With information, resources and summary of activities.
  • Protocol against Sexual Harassment. Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology protocol for preventing, identifying, and taking action to combat sexual harassment and harassment based on sex, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.


Take a look at the ICAC Gender Equality website