Joan Negre Pérez

(R2) Postdoctoral, Research Department.
Member, Research team: Christian and Late Antiquity Archaeology.
ORCID code: 0000-0002-2804-1467
Brief CV

My research is focused on two main fields: the archaeology and history of medieval islamic world, and the spatial analysis of historical phenomena. I study socioenvironmental dialectics through investigating human occupation strategies and their spatial signatures.

On the historical analysis of al-Andalus, my research emphasises settlement pattern evaluation and territorial organisation throughout ummayad period. This is, the key moment in the germinal stages on the transition from Late Antiquity to the new Islamic medieval society. I worked as a predoctoral fellow in the Departament of Antiquity and Middle Ages Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I also worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Austral Centre for Scientific Research, an institution belonging to the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, conducting a specific project on the developing of new methods to analyse past human activities spatial footprint. Currently, I work as Head of the Municipal Archaeological Service at the Gandia City Council, as well as Director of the Archaeological Museum of Gandia.