Simona Perna

Postdoctoral researcher (R2), Research Department.
Member, Research team: Archaeometry and Artistic Productions (ArPA).
Fields of expertise: Funerary archaeology, Archaeology of Architecture, Archaeometry, Artistic Productions.
ORCID code: 0000-0002-7896-8252
Brief CV

My field of expertise is in the art and archaeology of Rome and Roman Italy, particularly in the production, reuse, manipulation and meaning of stone artefacts in Roman society. The pivots of my research interests are ancient aesthetics, semiotics and the archaeology of production and interaction. My current research project, funded by the EC-MSCA-H2020, “Technological Innovation and Knowledge Networks: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Greco-Roman stone vases” (TECHNET: 895286) explores the level of technology and transfer of knowledge in Classical stone working using stone vases as a case study. I completed a BA/Ma in Classical Archaeology at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ (2005) and a DPhil in Roman Archaeology at Royal Holloway University of London (2006-2015). My doctoral dissertation was entitled Roman funerary urns in coloured stone: production and significance an analytical graphic corpus of calcite alabaster and other coloured marble Roman cinerary urns with a focus on manufacture and socio-symbolic value. For this research programme I was awarded a grant by the prestigious Italian Cultural Institute in London – “Il Circolo” (May 2007). I am currently writing the monograph based on my doctoral research for publication with Archaeopress Publishing Ltd (Oxford). My post-doctoral research includes several research fellowships (2017-2019) and the implementation and co-direction with Dr. Simon J. Barker (Norwegian Institute in Rome, 2018-2020) of the independent research project ‘Alabaster. Quarrying and trade in the Roman World’ (Sept. 2014- June 2018): a quantitative, qualitative and archaeometric analysis of calcitic alabaster in the Roman period. The research results were profusely disseminated in both oral and written forms including a final interdisciplinary two-day workshop in Rome (May 2019). The manuscript of the edited volume is in preparation for publication by BREPOLS (Belgium). In addition, I collaborated as a marble consultant within the ‘Marble in the Vesuvian Cities’ (2015-2018) and ‘Marmo al Mare’ Projects (2014-2015) (Directors: Clayton J. Fant, Akron University OHIO and Simon J. Barker). Amongst my academic achievements is the contribution upon invitation to the Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani – Volume 1 “London and the South-East of England” (OUP, 2015). My professional training includes several associate lectureships in Classics and Classical Archaeology at British universities, including Birkbeck and University College London (2006-2011), assistant curator at the British Museum within the “Cyprus Digitization Project” (2010-2011) and participation in excavation and fieldwork campaigns in Italy (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Cumae, Orvieto), Greece and Romania (2000-2018). I am also a research collaborator on the project ‘El Mensaje del mármol: Prestigio, simbolismo y materiales locales en las provincias occidentales del imperio romano entre época antigua y alto-medieval a través del caso de Hispania y Aquitania’ Project; PI: Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M (ICAC) (Agencia Estatal de Investigación, Proyectos I+D Generación del Conocimiento PGC2018-099851-A-I00, 2019-2021).