This team focuses its studies on Roman pottery −especially the amphoras produced in Hispania and the most important manufacturing centres− to prepare thematic maps of their distribution. It has two main research objectives. The first is to ascertain the external distribution of Hispanic amphoras in the western Mediterranean and Europe. The second is to study the ways in which the protohistoric communities interacted with the environment to obtain a global and transversal view of production and trade between the Iberian communities and other Mediterranean peoples. The team also studies the remains of fauna that tell us of the production, distribution and consumption of animal resources.

Current projects focus particularly on the Terres de l’Ebre and the western part of the Camp de Tarragona. The team is currently working on the Catalan archaeological sites of L’Assut (Tivenys, Baix Ebre), Tortosa (Baix Ebre), Els Tossals (Aldover, Baix Ebre), La Cella (Salou, Tarragonès), La Cova de la Font Major (Espluga de Francolí, Conca de Barberà) and La Terra Alta.