Recent Advances in the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean: nou cicle de seminaris en línia de l’equip GIAP

We are delighted to announce the start of a new webinar series: ‘Recent Advances in the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean’, managed by GIAP researchers. Take a look at the webinar series 2021 poster and mark the date so you don’t miss any of these amazing talks!

The seminars are oriented to communicate glimpses of ongoing, original work and they are presented by prominent principal researchers, regardless of their career stage or academic position.

Researchers will reflect on their current research interests, aiming to provide examples of leading research that open up new horizons in landscape, computational and palaeoenvironmental archaeology, and bioarchaeology. 

GIAP webinars are taking place roughly every three weeks and all sessions are open to the public!

More information will be posted on each of the speakers, at the ICAC Agenda or at social networks.

Take a look at the poster